Anime Gifs

Gifs. Gifs everywhere!


The Who

Started this project at the age of 20 and goes through the interwebs by the nick of Pyzlnar.
I began making animated gifs some years ago and as the time went by I learned to make em faster and make them look better.

If you’re interested there’s a record of all the gifs I did before this blog on here. This Forum Topic

The Why

The reason of why I started making gifs is mainly that I couldn’t find the exact gifs that I wanted from a particular scene. It was way easier to make a gif than to search it in the vastness of Google. There are tons of anime blogs that are dedicated to make reviews and take massive quantities of screenshots, but there are almost none that are dedicated to make anime gifs. Finally and most important of all I love making gifs.

The How

All the gifs that you will find here were made by me. This means I don’t search gifs from another sites, and put them together in this place.
I make the gifs myself and post them.

The WTFs

Which programs do you use to make the gifs?
Fireworks and smplayer.

Huh? Why aren’t these images moving? These aren’t gifs!
Click the image, and then you’ll go to the gif.

Why don’t you post the gif directly?
If you notice some of the gifs are relatively heavy which sometimes makes loading a post to take ages. I use static thumbnails to speed up the loading time.

Which is the size of the gifs?
There is no size written on stone, but I normally try to make the gifs of 300px width, I feel that in this size you a nice quality and a decent image size.

Do you accept requests?
This project is new and I just use my free time to make the gifs. Right now I’m not accepting requests of any anime that I haven’t already posted, but if you want a specific gif done, post a comment on that anime topic.
Include the episode, the time and a small description of the scene so I can find what you want.
I don’t promise to do it right away but I’ll try to do it.

As of August 03 2011 I’m not accepting any more gif requests on anime that are already marked as Completed; the reason behind this is very simple. After I complete the series I delete the RAWs and I found out it’s really hard to get them again, please if you want a request make them on ongoing projects.



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